Sunday, September 24, 2006


Trying to make a simple ldtp gui

here is how it was when i got it running last night !

Watch the Recording here

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Recording Worked !!!

oh yes finally it did work. The work done over the period of last one month had to be shown and the bugs didnt let us sleep.
Right from day one we were told that our recording would be tested for evolution although it should be working for all GNOME applications.

We had planned for 5 test cases in evolution and until the day before the demo ,only 3 were working fine and the most important ones were having a very important issue to be fixed.

And at 11:30 we finally went in for the demo ,we started off with the test case
composing a mail with attachment.

And even before we started the client (./ start evolution all ) the manager told us it could be better if we can have a defferent options parser something like (./ --a start -appln evolution -p all ) .

and after some information on the work we have been doing ,we proceeded with the first test case .

At the end when we stoped the recording to see the output it worked !!.
While explaining then as to how we have arrived at the final action script in python . He opined it would be better if we can be able to randomize the events played back for example

Given a data structure of over 100 TO email address , 100 bcc , 100 attachment , and our playback should be able to iterate over all the elements in the dtata structure this way the testing could prove very efficient .

While playback he wanted us to change some parameters in the action script to check if its working for all cases ,he wanted a different attachment to be sent .
After making the changes when the playback started .
It worked ! and the first reaction from him was "It looks awesome " then stated yes the tool looks real neat and we were only happy i thought to myself not all demos get screwed up :) .

There on i thought will proceed with the next testcase ie, creating a new account which was along proccess but still the best . But i guess he was getting late and we had some evolution developers looking in to the tool and asking questions and over all they seemed happy with recording .

The next stage ofcourse is to make this tool much better and the next few works were kept for working at college :) .

We then sat down to write a TODO list and yes it came out pretty long 19 in number to be exact. Which included work on keyboard listeners,implementing a timer in record so that we could actually have the time delay between user actions, checking memory leaks using Valgrind and yeah making the code GNOME standards.

Thanks to nags,whacko ,cassanova,varadhan :) this demo wudnt have been good if not for them :) .

:) we also got a evolution jacket from our manager and somethnig struck me while leaving the office ,i told sp2hari may be Lavi wasnt lying :) this record does work !! .

Well this is our last day at Novell :) .